Semilla Bilbao App

Versión 1.4

Download the Semilla Bilbao Church app on your iPhone or iPad.

Through our app you can instantly access all the contents of our website.

Within the app you can:

  • Immediately access audio and video straight from the home screen.
  • Listen to all of the Sermons.
  • Watch the videos stored in Vimeo and Youtube.
  • Watch our meetings live through Youtube, Livestream or Ustream.
  • Access all the photos and videos of our baptisms.
  • Visit our website.

Available on AppStore for any iOS device.Email:

Version 1.2.3

Welcome to the Android app of Semilla Bilbao Church!

The following are some of its features:

  • Search within its publications (version 1.2.1).
  • Live TV broadcast (version 1.2).
  • Technical support (email): Settings/Answer (version 1.1).
  • FAQ: Settings/Help (version 1.1).
  • Watch and listen to all the sermons.
  • Download the audio to the sermons.
  • Notifications: every time something new is published, you will be notified on your phone (you can choose how often you wish to be notified on Menu/settings/synchronisation).
  • And more…

Available on Google Play for any Android device. Email: