The pastors of the Reformed Baptist Church Semilla have ministerial responsibility before God and are assisted by a a Church Board. Its work is collegial and its task is to essentially help for the good of the church, as well as to govern and spiritually nourish the congregation.

Senior Pastor: Tony Ochoa

Tony Ochoa (Senior Pastor)

Tony Ochoa is the senior pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church "Semilla" in Bilbao. Since he was ordained as a pastor, he has performed his ministry full-time.

Tony and his wife Mª Luz have been married for 33 years and they have two children. Aitor, who is 31 years old (married to Priscila) and Anne, who is 24 years old, Rebeca, who is 3 years old and Raquel, who is 1 years old.

Mª Luz is a doctor graduated at Universidad del País Vasco. Tony has studied Law in UNED and is graduated in Industrial Relations and Human Resources at Universidad de Oviedo.

Assistant pastor: Salva García

Salva García (Assistant pastor)

Salva García is one of the assistant pastors. His ministry is focused on the teaching and discipleship of the church members.

Salva is married to Pilar and has two children, David who is 28 years old and Andrea, who is 24. He performs his part-time ministry in the Semilla Church in Bilbao.

Presbyter: Ángel Luis García

Ángel Luis García (Presbítero)

Presbyter: Daniel Gómez

Daniel Gómez (Presbyter)

Presbyter: Mauricio Marcano

Mauricio Marcano (Presbyter)

Presbítero: Arkaitz Olalde

Arkaitz Olalde (Presbyter)